Bulk Email Software

New launch of our company e Bulk Mail Suite, This is regarding to integrate the business from your website. Advertisement on the internet makes you more popular with this software. This can help in campus erp that each student get a single mail from the sdmin site as well as internet marketing for your colleges.

Bulk Email Management Is Used as :
Mass Email Marketing Software to Create and Send HTML Newsletters Bulk Mailer , Email Sender , Fast Mail Software , Bulk Email Software e-Campaign Bulk Email Marketing Software HTML , Bulk Email Software,  Bulk Email Marketing Software.

Bulk Email Management Product Features:
1. Web Based Technology
2. Create User as per Your Need Bulk Email Software
3. Contains One Power User
4. Upload Excel Sheet at a Time with Huge Database
5. Email Management Techniques.
6. Power Full HTML Editor Helps in Sending Bulk Magazines.
7. Technically Strong (Based On JAVA Technology also available in php)
8. We provide Server  as per Requirement
9. You Can host it on your server also Easy Online Update [ free Updated version]
10. Data Backup Facility Fully Customized ERP Software
(Bulk Emails and Magazines Sender )

In this era of web marketing with emails , magazines, news letters, Bulk Mailer is a need as isuch a Robot systemwhich can give you the identity in the search engines also help in the web marketing, we provide such a software in very cheap price which gives you more satisfactory results . In this Bulk Email System you can fix the Email more than Lacks, schedules the Mails with different Ip, Which Help you in Performing Each and Every Emails goes in the INBOX of the mail, which helps you to protect Mails in the SPAM Folder.  It is Guarantee that 70-80% of the Mails goes in to the inbox rather than SPAM.