Your search for user-friendly and easily manageable online Blogging tool ends here. As we offer you the most effective Wordpress Designing & Integration.

Basically, Wordpress is a Blog publishing system written in PHP and is backed by a MySQL database. Wordpress is an open source Blog publishing application.Wordpress is a revision of the old b2/cafelog platform, with improvements such as customization of the templates, link management, plug-ins, widgets, TrackBack & PingBack features, tags, and categories.

The Wordpress Blog platform is the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to create anything from the simplest static page, to a hip Blog, to an informative webzine page. The Wordpress publishing system is based on PHP and MySQL programming.

  • Compliance With Every Browser
  • Instant Updates Of Your Pages With No Reloading Necessary
  • Multiple Page Management System, Links, And Themes
  • Add In Any Number Of Interesting And Functional Plug-Ins,
  • Wordpress has a Templating system, which includes widgets that can be rearranged without editing php or html code
  • Integrated Link Management
  • Search Engine-Friendly, Clean Permalink Structure
  • Support For Tagging Of Posts And Articles
  • Supports The Trackback And Pingback
  • Rich Plug-in Architecture

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