Data & Business Analysis Tools

Data & Business Analysis is managing Customer relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management. Business Intelligence (BI) has evolved whole intelligent business solutions and arranges the data in a way that is easily understood by the users.

Knowledge Management

Program to make the organization information driven through methodologies and practices to distinguish, make, speak to, appropriate, and empower selection of bits of knowledge and encounters that are genuine business learning. Information Management prompts Learning Management and Regulatory consistence/Compliance.


Program that manufactures quantitative procedures for a business to touch base at ideal choices and to perform Business Knowledge Discovery. Much of the time includes: information mining, measurable examination, Predictive investigation, Predictive demonstrating, Business process displaying.

Collaboration platform

Program that gets diverse territories (both inner side and outer side the occupation) to cooperate through Data allocate and Electronic Data replace.


Program that makes a chain of importance of Performance measurements and benchmarking that illuminates top administration about advance towards business objectives.

Reporting/Enterprise Reporting

Program that constructs framework for Strategic Reporting to serve the Strategic administration of a business, NOT Operational Reporting. Regularly includes: Data representation, Executive data framework, OLAP.

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