We provide Loan Management Software to cater to companies of all sizes. NBFC software is for Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) that are involved in providing loans to institutions, customers or companies and collection of amount from lenders in terms of installments (Rate based EMI/ EMI based Rate/ Structured EMI/ Equated EMI/ Moratorium based EMI's/ Pre EMI's ) in Daily/Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly. This is also called Loan Management Software.

Lines of Business

Institutional Loan

Vehicle Loan

Project Loan

Micro Finance

Business Loan

Project Loan

Mortgaged Loan

Mobile Apps

Salient Features

  • 100% Customizable Modules
  • Operations Based on Maker and Checker
  • Reduced Turn Around Time
  • Complete Web Based Real Time Application
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multi User and Multi Location Access
  • Permission Based Access to Users
  • Collections Through ECS, ACH, PDC, Cash
  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily Collections
  • Customizable MIS Reports
  • API Integrations on Requirement

Loan Management Modules

  • Proposal Submission
  • DSA Features
  • Follow Up
  • Verification
  • Proposal Submission
Loan Origination
  • KYC
  • Credit Score( e.g. CIBIL )
  • Field Investigation (FI)
  • Collateral
  • Technical of Collateral
  • Legal of Collateral
Credit Assessment Memo (CAM) I
  • Deviation & Approval
  • Recommendation
  • Documents Uploads
  • Loan Approval
Credit Assessment Memo (CAM) II
  • PDC Intake
  • Sanction Letter
  • Disbursement
  • EMI Presentation
  • Bounces of EMI
  • Collection of payments
Loan Management
  • Part Payment
  • Foreclosure
  • Waivers
  • Write-off
Customer Services
  • Closure of loan
  • NOC certificate
Loan Closure
  • Custom Reports
  • Module Wise Report
  • Easy Export To Excel and PDF
  • B.I. Tools Integration
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Top Management Reports

Loan Management Software Features

    Complete Web Based Real Time Software

As a web based real time software, it can be accessed from any where any time. This reduces the TAT (turn around time) of the system and enhances the overall performance of the organization.

     Multi User & Multi Branch System

This is based on multi user concept which can be any location of the organization.

    System & Data Security

You can avail security features like accessing of system based on permissions, data back up at your own premises or at other location.

    Customized MIS Reports

We provide customized reports depends on your organizational requirements and module wise. These are 100% real time reports and can be exported in Excel & PDF. For top management, reports can be generated in graphical formats.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence gives you the power to check frauds, dafaults, projections, integrity etc. of data.

    Robust System Tested with Millions of Records

Our framework, on which system is developed, is capable of handling huge data which is being tested by various organizations world wide.

    SMS & E-mail Integration

This system can be integrated with mobile SMS or E-mail for faster and real time information passing.

    API Integration

Third parties APIs like CIBIL, PAN validation, Aadhar Validation, Insurance Companies etc. can be integrated to get real time access.