Loan Management Software

" Managing your NBFC with IT solution!! "

NBFC ( Microfinance Software, Loan Software, NBFC Software ) is a user friendly software solution used for recording transactions related to collection of repayment of loans that can be integrated with handheld devices as an advanced tool for Microfinance business community. NBFC is a software program that attach Loan Management and Finance modules. NBFCs provide prompt, tailor made service with least hassles.This more than compensates for the higher lending rates of NBFCs as compared to Banks & FIs.nbfc highly user friendly solution collaborate banking and finance such as E wallet ,Payment Gateway Report with Graphs Charts nbfc Utilities.

Features of Loan Management Software

  • Loan/Proposal Origination
  • DSA Management
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Kyc/Credit/Operations
  • Multi-Location Branch / Collection capability
  • EMI Collection by cheque/Cash, EMI Collection by PDC
  • IFSC/MICR API Integrated
  • PIN CODE Integrated
  • Accounts/Ledger Management
  • Batch Management
  • External Application Process
  • Document Management (Loan Account)
  • Dynamic loan schemes, interest rate, ranking, commissions
  • Pending Document Tracking (PDD)
  • Manage high volumes of PDCs Defaulters list Bucket Wise (DPD)
  • Foreclosure
  • Partpayment
  • Repossession/sale (Vehicle Loan)
  • Legal Process (Under various sections)
  • External API Integration
  • Reporting Tools
  • Business Reporting on BI Tools
  • Automated Accounting
  • Month Closing Features
  • Payment History
  • Account Reference Listing
  • Payment Coupons or Monthly Statements
  • Penalty/ late fee calculation
  • Active /Reject/Close loan
  • Mobile Applications
  • NSDL Integration
  • AADHAR Integration
  • Securities(HTTPS Addons)
  • Accural Processing
  • Auto EMI/EWI/EDI/Custom Repay Processing

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