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These are just a few of the ways in which enterprise mobility can be helpful in governing an area through mobile phones. A major advantage can be seen clearly when it comes to law enforcement or investigation agencies. Their job requires them to stay up to date with the latest criminal records and developments. There have been designed various applications that can help them do just that. All information

Mobile governance the use of mobile phones and mobile related software to carry out the activities of governance, to facilitate government to citizen, citizen to citizen and citizen to government interactions. Some browsers run on computers, and some browsers run on mobile phones or other small devices.


Enterprise mobility is a whole new idea for workforce mobilization and improvement in personal interaction. Using various applications to improve access point communication, data sharing, and information updates, only begins to describe how transformational enterprise mobile applications can prove to be for a country.

What’s needed is, for the businesses to efficiently leverage the consumer-generated data (including thepurchase data, the product data, and the actual feedback data), to not only help the customer, in easily discovering their products/services, but also to understand what they really need, and to upsell their next product to them, thus improving the conversion rate and ultimately, the customer delight.